• Paola Napolitano

'Scenarios of The Pool' Performance

Look at the pool. We shall study the incessant and silent water flow that brings us together. Let's imagine a Scenario, Scenario I - After blue Interval.

Scenarios of the Pool - After Blue Interval is an aquatic live performance, taking place at the swimming pool of the Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham. The format of the performance relies on an open script and a strong collaboration between the members of the cast and the artists. It will use archive stories from the Pioneer Health Centre as a starting point but also reinvent fiction through different scenarios of the pool. The cast includes; an actor, a dancer, an historical reanactress, a life guard as well as hand-made costumes and floating sculptures.

A project developed by Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis in collaboration with Natalija Paunić.

Performance with: Alex P Bickel Emily Linard Paola Napolitano Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis

The continuation of the project happens from 6-8 October at Enclave exhibition space in Deptford:

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