• Paola Napolitano

CALL OUT FOR 6 DANCERS for a Performance Event at Chisenhale Dance Space, 20 October 2017

For: Performance Event at Chisenhale Dance Space, 20 October 2017

A new collaboration between artist Monika Oechsler & choreographer/dancer Paola Napolitano performed during the private view evening of the Chisenhale Open Studio Weekend.

Facilitation Piece (for harmonious being)

The concept for the collaboration brings together two concerns, how we live and interact with social media and how our communication and time are mediated by technology. The performance will consist of two separate yet simultaneous and/or overlapping parts. Both parts will involve aspects of technical mediation and transformation used to explore notions of identity, place and time in the context of social media.

Part one – Screen Others

Consists of a virtual chat room within the dance space with two performers communicating via text which will be transformed into computer voices hence audible to the audience in the performance space. Individual members of the audience will be able to interject via text on a separate device installed in the foyer of Chisenhale Dance Space.

Part two – Immaterial Gestures

Consists of an improvised choreography developed in rehearsals and involves physical action/interaction including the use of props/objects. We will work through a number of routines for example yoga, tai chi, or pilates in order to arrive at suitable gestures/movements. The context for this part of the performance is how our perception of time is mediated through technology. The choreographed gestures/movements will be recorded with various microphones installed in the form of a sound space/stage and played out live in the dance space through speakers thus create a live sound scape.

Time schedule

Performance date: 20.10.2017 from 5 – 9 pm (including 1- 2 hrs prior rehearsal & set up)

Rehearsal dates (Chisenhale Dance Space):

First rehearsal Friday, 30.9.2017 – 2hrs from 6 – 9 pm (Rehearsal studio)

Dress rehearsal Saturday, 14.10.2017 – 3hrs from 6 – 9pm (Dance studio)


Rehearsals £ 15 per hour

Performance £ 20 per hour

Plus London day travel card (as applicable).

Please send information regarding your professional experience including images or website and other links and contact details to:

Lucy Williams, production assistant,

Monika Oechsler, director,

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