• Paola Napolitano

Retraining Grant Awardee

Paola has been awarded a Dancers' Career Development Financial Retraining Grant towards her studies on the Certification programme in Laban Movement Studies.

Dancers’ Career Development (DCD) is a UK organization providing a wide range of Transition Support Services such as one to one consultations, EVOLVE workshops, networking, careers profiling, coaching programme, mentoring scheme to dancers to transition from professional dancing to a new career pathway.

Several dancers from UK major dance companies have benefited from DCD’s support and advanced in their life with a renewed spirit and determination.

The certified programme Paola is undertaking, is recognized by the National Dance Agency (NDA) in USA, and Moving Forth is in turn recognized by the Laban Institute for Movement Studies in New York – the organization that holds the professional recognition status.

The Certificate in Movement Analysis (CMA) – the ultimate certification gained from undertaking these studies, is a requirement for all those seeking a Dance Teaching position in a US dance programme within a university. On the completion of the full programme of 4 modules, that includes a research study, the programme provides between 10 – 20 academic credits, equivalent to a post-graduate programme in a Higher Educational institution. These credits and educational recognition are particularly relevant in the US, however there is a growing awareness of the value of this educational programme in the UK and Europe, where many dancers and dance movement therapists seek to undertake this programme to further their careers.

The programme offers wide ranging skills acquisition, building on previous movement/dance expertise through a rich and challenging experience of the theory and practice of Laban Movement Analysis, that inevitably involves a profound level of self-development.

As she enters Module 3 she will consolidate the knowledge she has gained so far and begin to apply them to her current work, while considering future professional applications. To develop these fully she is undertaking Module 3 in order to complete the full programme, Module 1 – 4, and upon completion she will receive a Certificate in Movement Analysis from the LIMS NY.

For further details, please browse the following websites:

*Original text on LBMS and Moving Forth by Susan Scarth

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