• Paola Napolitano

How to bring a creative breeze in London households

As a child I remember every year in February a group of colourfully dressed up clowns would knock at my front door to raise money to support the local community carnival parade. This short joyful encounter was always accompanied by drum and trumpet playing…

This is the memory I recalled in taking part to the training workshops by ‘Creative Homes’ in May.

C H is a community project run in partnership with housing associations and children services of few Boroughs in South London. Its aim is supporting parents to give their children the best care in life, address practical daily life issues and increase attachment through live artist experiences.

Storytelling, dance, music and crafts make this time with families unique. Imaginative ways of interacting with children which see inspiring games, playful meal time and entertaining hygiene sessions will inspire adults and children to find more exciting pathways and re-harmonize daily family habits.

The rainbow song is sung when all bits and pieces are collected in the house and sorted out by 7 different colours while inviting children to have 5 senses-based experiences gets them tune in to an magical atmosphere. Making a den using recycled material and other arts craft works together with artists will be an unforgettable experience either for mums and dads or their tiny loveliest ones.

Various characters may turn up at each hub session, such as Tom the Sailor who decorates the bathroom and gives funny toilet training sessions, the Tooth Fairies who tell the story about planting and growing teeth and the Creative Chef who prepares exquisite meals singing the Bon Appetit song.

The project will start in Autumn 2016 with a brand new team of enthusiastic artists, so knock knock….surprise!!!

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